May 16, 2008

real stuff

The sun rises once again, and soon the day becomes unpleasantly hot and humid. I get up early- at 0730hrs, considering I had a pretty dreadful day at work previous day, incredibly busy, on my feet most of the day. So.. I run to the car, air-conditioning is a blessing in this sauna-like weather. Drive to the supermarket and back, it was fast and uneventful, couldn't remember what exactly I needed to buy so I buy a bit of everything. Fresh mint, bananas, salad, cheese, dates, newspaper. And yeah, "dates", those that can be eaten, not the chocolate coated ones, but the very fresh yummy ones from Madinah. "Dates"- not those, when I go out for a dinner with someone.

There's plenty to do today, but somehow I can't be bothered to concentrate on just one chore. Multi-tasking works too! More and more stuff still keeps piling up, regardless of how much clearing and cleaning I do.

Most of all I am looking forward to a month long vacation, but would still like to leave my house in habitable condition; for all the ants and spiders :) My neighbor kindly promised to look after my garden and plants.

This is one of the days I realize something has changed, but as always I cannot put my finger on what it is. I've come close before, kind of being able to understand the real meaning of life- most often right after meditation, inches and inches closer, but.. nothing. It is futile at the time, but the feeling of being blessed stays in me for a long time.
The caves.. They are almost magical, rising from the desert, from the sand, from the nothingness.

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