July 27, 2013

In the blink of an eye

Days turn in to weeks, weeks into months and so on. Vacation that has just begun, is about to end. This is the case when it comes to my vacation, and probably some of you out there recognize same. Wasn't it just yesterday, when I was flying from A to B, and enjoying a delicious piece of strawberry cake? Wasn't it just last night, when I lay myself down in my old bed; bed that I've slept on for years and years and it still serves me well.

There have been slow days, when I look at the time and feel clock has not moved. Better move on, because clock face is always smiling, and running. Moments in the past, say 12 years ago, were slow. So slow that I had to carry a watch and at least two cellphones to ensure I knew what time it was, and WHEN was the time I could go home. Boring conversation, unhappy relationship.. something like that. There are times when I wish I could get those times back, but then again I do not, and I am relieved I lived to tell the tale.
Writing a book suddenly seems like a good idea. There are countless stories I could tell about life, people I have met, places I have been to, but would anyone really honestly like to read a 300 page book, when blog entries are more than adequate. Cancer would probably require at least one chapter.
I will think about it for sure.
Panda the dachshund wants out now. Despite of his name, he is a dog.

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