July 02, 2013

Rest in Peace

Two people died, just few days between them. Thousands of miles between them.
One was a bubbly happy young lady, whose blog I have been following for quite some time now. She put up a real fight against cancer, but unfortunately this is how it ended. She is no longer in pain, and is surely watching over us now. Her blog was a great inspiration to me, uplifting, cool, funny, everything! Despite of cancer, she still made every day count. Rest in peace Michelle. You are very much missed.

Another person was someone I knew a lot better, having been working with him for 3 years. Him not being there is a great unmeasurable loss, and grief and sadness can't be described. He was a good man, dying in the midst of doing something he felt passionate about. There is still certain amount of disbelief and many many questions, which will probably be left unanswered forever.
I was lucky and blessed I got to know him. He is.. was a person with big heart, compassion, sense of humor, approachable, always smiling. If he was not smiling, he just needed a word of encouragement  and he was ok again.
It is a great loss. He is very much missed, and there are days when I just can't believe he is gone. Rest in peace IS.

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