July 26, 2013

Keep it confidential

Just when I thought everything is under control. Past creeps up in the form of Facebook and Whats App, which were once friends, perfect examples of modern technology. They are still friends, but they have lost that special friend status. See, Whats App messages can be saved and used and abused whenever more ammunition is needed. It is a handy communication tool, but leaves a record of held conversations. Of course it does. In this day and age of cellphones, SMS, e-mails, Edward Snowden and other famous faces, there is also recording in the cyberspace.
I think we all know someone, whose fingers have slipped and they have sent wrong message to a wrong person by mistake. Jeez I have done that myself, and then had to explain what and why I sent the message. Great if it was a joke about how many psychiatrists are needed to change a lightbulb ( = one, but it will take time and the lightbulb itself must want to change), but something more serious, therein lies the issue.
Cyberspace is absorbing new information evey second. That's where this blog will end up too.
Perhaps that's where Mr Snowden would like to disappear for a while too. I think he would like Angry Birds Star Wars space, he would be like that pink Princess Leia bird character flying all over the place. Yep, pink and fluffy, sure.
In other words, don't publish every word and opinion in Facebook. Avoid Whats App, if you have top secret stuff to share. Even better, don't share confidential stuff anywhere. Keep it to yourself, because sharing it in person even in the deepest thickest coldest Siberian forest, someone may be watching. Look, it is the Internation Space Station! And there, look, man, it's a satellite.
Eyes and ears are everywhere.

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