November 25, 2013

Another reason to be grateful

Waiting for someone, who never came. Waiting for something to happen, that never did. It's so hard when there is someone or something that we so desperately want and it is all in vain.
Then I read the blog (link also below) where Erika Evans writes about her experience and recovery from leukemia. She says she used to look out of the window and wishing she could trade places with another person outside.

Oh. I feel bad now. Real bad. My patience really needs to stretch a bit further and if I could just remember there may be someone who would trade places with me, no matter how miserable my life feels right now. 
I'm saying nothing about my day last week, when I accidentally broke my alarm clock in the morning. Later on that day I discovered that I could not switch on my Nokia cellphone- on/off button was stuck! It still is. Printer was malfunctioning too, but what is this really compared to spending days in hospital being unable to eat, bathe, get out of the bed at all.

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