November 16, 2013

Near misses in traffic

Once again traffic safety drives me into writing, pun intended. Nothing else matters to some ignorant idiots out there, it's them and just them on the road. Nothing slows them down. Hey, wait, scene of accident does. That always invites curious onlookers, who liken it to Broadway performance. Once the scene has been passed in safety of person's own car, seatbelted of course, headlights on, car in good repair, journey can go on 150km/h.
Highway or not.
It amazes me that not even the fact that unfortunate family members, friends and colleagues, who fall into victims of car accidents, do not teach lessons to speeding drivers. Kids still do not get their own car seats, and seat belts are considered unnecessary. 130km/h speed is nothing really and speed limits, well, who needs those. 

Paying fine and jail sentence are all good as punishment. Losing drivers license may not really have any effect, because driver is always a driver, and will jump into the first car they see. Theirs or someone else's. How about arranging a visit to the city morgue and or intensive care unit? Rehab center? Voluntary work in all of the above? What really is the most effective punishment to such crime?

Driving home each afternoon along two lane busy road is a frightening experience at least once a week. I was on the left hand lane last week, wanting to drive straight. Another driver next to me desperately wanted the same lane, but could/would not use the indicator, and wanted to turn left. Well good for him that my passenger noticed and I let him pass, but not without showing HIM the well-known international finger symbol. Man, he wanted to make U-turn! And never ever heard of indicator. What sort of driving school did these people attend? This is a very typical near miss that happens every day. Then there are those driving inches away from your rear bumper, those who can't decide which lane they want. And those, that drive 30km/h in rush hour traffic. And ancient old motorbikes. Bicycles.. Sigh.

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