January 16, 2014

Dream of a Road Trip on a Harley

I was cropping and retouching photos I took during the motorcycle rally in Hulett, WY. Motorcycles have never been something I have been interested in, but these photos brought back the memories and I remember how excited we were to see all the motorcycles and thousands of people.

Photos were taken by iPhone 4 (because I left my camera home, silly fool me!) so quality is not the best possible. I wanted to go for a ride too! My brother took me to work once by motorcycle. It was 20 something years ago and I swore that was the first and last time. Never again. I was scared and very relieved when I reached my work place.                   

Now I find myself looking at these gorgeous bikes and their owners and wonder if I could one day become an owner of Harley Davidson- after all they are some of the most handsome bikes in this world. My brother's bike was... I don't know, have to ask him. Then I find myself watching Evan McGregor and Charley Boorman on their bikes traveling across continents. Me too, I want to do that. Alaska, Mongolia, Austria and Switzerland for starters.
For ladies, however, in this corner of the world there are no road trips available in a car or on a Harley, at least not yet. Are there any other countries in this world where women can't drive, except Saudi Arabia? My bike rides would be limited to a few hundred yards. It would be a great idea though, but as a driver, not passenger. In the meantime I will settle for rides on my horse.

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