January 03, 2014

Sorry, we couldn’t complete your purchase. Please try again later.

Fuck Microsoft and their bloody shit service. I have tried to renew Office 365 several times now, but each time card payment is rejected/server decides to take a break/page disappears from sight/country changes from UK to Saudi Arabia and finally Azerbaijan. What a joke.
Sorry, something went wrong.
"Something went wrong and we can't sign you in right now. Please try again later" - that is the response I got when I tried to "sign in" the customer support page.
"Sign in with your Microsoft account to get the right help, right away. Sign in for personalized.."

Why does Microsoft not want my money? All I wanted is a yearly subscription.
Microsoft is committed to helping protect your privacy. For more info, see our privacy notice. Privacy is top priority. The very top so that customer can't complete their purchase. 

What are my options now? Any computer savvy person could probably enlighten me? Please?

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