May 30, 2015

How to survive several weeks one hand in a cast part IV

My poor hand. The cast is of course long gone, but there is still pain right in the fracture site. When I wear the splint there is hardly any pain. I've not really taken any painkillers, because the pain is not constant. When the cast was removed in the end of April, it was agreed that it comes off only because I am starting a new job. Not because I am desperate to get back on the horse.
Well, of course I've been riding, because I felt okay about it and was fed up watching the instructors riding my horse. Nothing wrong with that, they have and are doing an excellent job. I ride wearing the Össur splint and that's probably the only thing that saves me from experiencing more pain.
Well, yes, why not stop riding until the hand has healed? I don't know.. I've read several stories in various websites, where people say they still have pain even after 10 years. Or that they can't do certain activities. I'll have a break from riding for a month now whilst on vacation... but there are probably opportunities for riding on vacation too, awesome!
Scaphoid fractures can be a nightmare and I think it would be best if we all could be compliant with the doctors' instructions to save a lifetime of pain and a non-functional wrist, but unfortunately not everyone carved out of the same tree. I am definitely known for not following instructions and doing my own thing, so I guess I can just expect kind of a mediocre result... I will still keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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