May 03, 2015

Hung up

When I was driving to work this morning, I was listening to "Hung Up" by Madonna. Probably because it was the first song on that CD and because it sounded bloody awesome, when I had adjusted the volume up. Those lyrics.. they kind of opened my eyes and ears, and then I realized how true they really are. I think there are loadsa people who sit and wait. And wait. Wait for someone or something to happen when likelihood of that particular thing happening is pretty close to zero. Example: waiting for a win in lottery. Daydreaming about winning and what an earth to do with all that money then. Build a castle, travel around the world, remaining convinced the next Saturday is The (lucky) Day. 
Another example: waiting for that special someone you met on a night out to call. The call never comes, not today, not tomorrow, not the day after. Another week has passed by, when the person him/herself shows up at your doorstep. Life becomes awesome, great, fabulous and nothing can ever go wrong again, because that person is next to you, even for a short period of time. It is awfully convincing that things will be just fine and the next week will again be spent in anticipation of something great. Guess what. Je suis désolé. انا اسف  Lo siento.
These things are just daydreams and their outcome is lousy. It can take one song by Madonna to realize that the activity you think is so utterly important, is waste of time and money. Time spent waiting equals loss of life, income, sanity and ... time.. Think of more examples of stuff that you crave and long for, but it's out of reach and will probably never :-( materialize. Crap. I don't know how long I've spent for that phone to ring, the doorbell to ring, for someone to come when they promised they would, for that day when I've lost enough weight and so many other things. Mind you I was waiting for the cast removal recently and that day eventually arrived and that extra weight has gone. Literally. I can't imagine waiting for something that may or may not happen and living in uncertainty for long periods of time is very rewarding or good for mental health. Listen to "Hung Up", volume as loud as it can be and ask yourself am I done?
While I was waiting, I could have finished the book I had been writing. While I was sitting and waiting, I could have watched all the movies I had recorded over the last six months. I could have done so much..

"Ring ring ring goes the telephone
The lights are on but there's no-one home
Tick tick tock it's a quarter to two
And I'm done
I'm hanging up on you

I can't keep on waiting for you
I know that you're still hesitating
Don't cry for me
'Cause I'll find my way
You'll wake up one day
But it'll be too late."
- Madonna: Hung Up

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