May 26, 2015

Open the gate

 I am one of those riders, who once on horseback can't open any gates. I wouldn't be any good for hunting, cross-country riding etc, if there were gates to open. Of course if I dismount I can open the gates, but then can't mount my horse again. Small rider, big horse and I just can't get my foot back in to the stirrup. I was on my horse today and tried to open the arena gate. No matter how many times I tried, I couldn't position the horse and myself so I could reach the gate. Once, just once I did, but then the horse closed it. I was so frustrated and started crying and to my shame I had to dismount. 15 minutes had already gone to waste and during that time I could have warmed up my horse (an myself!),but instead I sat on the ground, next to the horse, bawling my eyes out when the riding instructor walked in. I did not want to get back on the horse, I didn't want to ride. After a short discussion, I got on the horse (thanks to the mounting block) and ended up having a nice lesson. The struggle with gates continues and I have to rely on the kindness of the strangers or just dismount horse and find a way to get back on again, somehow. Not the easiest task, because of the still healing broken bone in hand.. and should I even be riding at all.. That's another story...

"Well. You should always come talk to me. Because whatever it is, chances are, I've seen worse. and I am qualified to tell you how you'll survive". -Meredith Grey

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