March 08, 2016


Once upon a time there was a neighbor, who parked his car next to mine. I have my usual parking spot and it only work if I approach from the left, then turn into that specific space. If I approach from the right, I kind of can't see how far right the car goes and I always end up double parking.
Turning left into the parking space works, because I can't see the white line from the driver's side and I usually get it right.
So this neighbor. He left his car (abandoned may be the right word..?) next to mine for quite a long time (more than a week) and it stood there gathering dust, which the rain washed away once in a while. The car was looking miserable. No one would drive it after yet another layer of dust and mud had settled on to the car. Thankfully that little car wash guy appears at that particular moment. A light-bulb moment: "Can you please wash the car?". I hand him some money, and take off to work. Few hours later I return from work and the car is once again very clean and shiny.
Until the next rain, which will no doubt arrive later today, or until the neighbor decides to take it away.
He definitely has no idea who is behind the carwash and he does not need to ever find out. lol


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