February 25, 2007

Leave me here tonight

Keep smiling :)
I drift off to sleep and these dreams are so real: I am standing by the window, the garden is beautiful and fresh after the rain. It is still dark, but lights are on in the house opposite ours. The light seems to be closer and closer until it embraces me, carries me outside and I can feel the softness of the wet grass under my feet. Someone takes my hand.. then... I wake up, I wonder if my present state of being is the real dream, how did I get here? Heaven knows. My heart beats louder than before, but it is not from fear or hopelessness. Anything is possible. I get up and get ready for work.

Mornings have been been slightly humid, little cold, the fog lingers over the area and when I stretch my arms in front of me, I can barely see my fingers. It is so thick, and feels like chocolate mousse.

Bad news too - one of my friends was confronted by the law, the authority, the "supreme being".. My prayers are with her, anything is possible. Anything, never lose hope. Courage. Confronted by the law here is not a pleasant experience, ever. I was in a car accident years ago, a visit to ER and then endless flow of paperwork, accusations, interviews, threats of deportation, even a visit to the police station. The local "sheriff" then asked me to sign a statement (written in a language that I could not read) that I would not return later to raise any complaints or court orders. All I wanted was to go home.. Only then I understood the meaning of human rights. There are none. Here.

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