January 11, 2007


Every time I return to my blog, I have a look at the previous posts. Life goes up and downhill, but if we just persevere, there will be sunshine after rain. Well, who knows for sure. Let God take care of it.
I have ants and spiders in my house, a bunch of non-welcome never ending flow of visitors, but hopefully a cat, my new pet will arrive next week and will have a new role as an insect terminator and housekeeper. Most of all, I enjoy living on my own, my house, my stuff- but there is also more time to keep the house and garden neat&tidy. I work from Saturday to Wednesday from 7am to 3.30pm, so I return home in sunlight. Sunrises and sunsets are magnificent here, especially in the desert. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, any morning really, I still cannot believe I have come this far and I do not mean just in miles. I am beginning to appreciate my time in London, how much I learned after all, hardships and good fortune, good and bad days, newly found awareness of what and who I am, simply finding myself. It does help a lot here, settling in, grounding myself- a fantastic kriya for that; Nabhi Kriya, which I disliked, found a nuisance, but hooray, it gave me such courage and physical strength that I had not experienced anything like that before. Now installing Nabhi Kriya and yoga routine back into my brain has been relatively easy. 40 days of yoga, meditation seems almost too easy and I can't think of any reason why.
Another learning experience is my computer, that is what it is desperate to provide me; how to look after it. Install and un-install programs, start all over again, be patient.. Yes, that is what I need to learn. I am kind of starting all over again now, baby-steps at first, but I know I am already half way there. Work is by no means ending here, this is just the beginning.

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