January 28, 2007

Rodeo horses

My ride today turned out to be adventurous. looks can be deceiving, my gentle natured horse became a wild beast. I was riding past a group of schoolkids, and could see the horse growing more and more suspicious. He took a couple of steps to the left and right and left again- like dance steps. Except that I did not care to dance. Whoo-aa horsey boy, stop that, I said. The horse did not take any notice, from trot to gallop, from gallop to bucking perfomance, that's how it all developed. Racehorse.. I managed to convince him that its safe to stop and he did. Good horsey boy, I thanked him. And turned him back to the stable. In fact we had not gotten far, less than 200 yards. The horse spots the audience, and spooks again. Off we go, me very reluctantly, the horse very happily, "See, i've become a rodeo horse"- style. Not again. I tell him he is being naughty, he does not listen. I hang on, concerned that he is about to jump over the nearby fence.
We finally get nearer to the stables, I dismount, some people come and tell me they witnessed this spectacular performance. I feel mortified. They say I controlled the horse well (hah, the horse was in control), did not fall off (out of desperation!). Where is my good ole Western saddle that's like an armchair? This time we had a dressage saddle. By the grace of God I somehow stayed up in the saddle. Later in the round pen the horse had more lungeing exercise and some more bucking- it did not look good, quite scary in fact, I do not know how I held on.. It kind of felt like a rocking horse. But it's another day tomorrow, another dollar, another riding lesson. Madness..

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