January 25, 2007

No sleep

Ever since I arrived in Dhahran I have been unable to sleep. Well, I have slept, but not without interruptions. Nowadays it is the cat and her nightly activities. Before the cat in the hat it was too many unwelcome thoughts in my mind. And too much coffee. These thoughts are like a swarm of angry bees and drive my mind into an intolerable state. I wake up at 3am, then 4am and 5am. This itself does not matter, but being unable to fall asleep... Then when the real wake-up call comes, I feel shattered. Then I always think why didn't I go to bed earlier- not too bright on my part. Fun and mind games.
Today was a special one. After a few months' break I was back in the saddle. The horse was a beautiful gentleman, very kind and I lead him for a walk, both of us around the yard. Then I brushed his shiny brown coat and the groom brought the tack and we got him ready for a ride. The horse felt like an energized fully charged Duracell bunny, but we only did some groundwork around the yard. A real racehorse! He loves carrots and apples and next time I will bring him truckloads of them. My friend and I also witnessed a birth of a beautiful baby stallion! Seeing the baby and the mother together, at the beginning of their journey was extraordinary, bonding, being together. I am looking forward to seeing the little cute guy soon. See how he grows, develops, becomes a grown-up horse. I hope he'll never lose that playful part of him. Horseback riding will be my antidote for hard work.
Krazy Kat is hiding behind the armchair, giving me lovable looks at times, sometimes evil looks. She will need her time and space, when she has convinced herself I am not a mass murderer or an alien she'll join the daily routine of this household... what routine...? Lack of sleep routine perhaps.

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