January 15, 2007

Palmtrees, blue skies and popcorn

Today I went to meet a lady who looks after stray animals. Mainly cats, but they also have birds, rabbits, hamsters etc all in need of re-homing. Life at home can get very lonely at times, and I thought it would be nice to have company. Little paws, whiskers.. a big fluffy orange cat. I'm going to see another cat tomorrow, who could easily be mine if the cat likes me. Whether or not I like the cat, it does not make any difference, I have been told. I guess tomorrow will come in its own pace and I will find out.
This week has been all about orientation, evaluation, assessments, whatever.. Kind of a nice week not having to be at work, but still classroom training is hard for one's butt! Air-conditioning in the same room has been dodgy, working every now and then, sometimes very efficient and sometimes not at all- usually the latter scenario when the lecturer insists on closing the door and no air is circulating anywhere at all.. Like a sauna.
Outside temperatures are no more than +75 F, but it somehow feels.. hot.
I am weaning myself from eating sugary stuff, especially chocolate. Its replacement is popcorn, which heavily salted does not do any good for arteries, but mine are extra lightly salted. This is not a lecture of nutrition and weight loss, instead I say live long and prosper, eat, sleep, drink- all in moderation, more importantly have fun, enjoy life and Eat your Popcorn if you choose to do so.
Funny enough, my life seems so balanced and happy right now that it is convinces me that my move was the right thing to do.
God bless you guys out there.

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