December 12, 2006


If all goes well, I'll be gone next Wed 20 december. Well, let's hope so. Saudi Arabia here I come.
I moved out of the house of pain, it turned out that my food had indeed been eaten by Mrs B. Long live the neighors. Perhaps she would like to return to the jungle, the little shed she came from in Latin America. Never mind, I am no angel either, this kind of problem can be forgotten and eventually forgiven (no better moment than the present moment, so it IS forgiven, I have no energy for time-consuming issues like this). Another housemate of mine said that Mrs B had thought it was all 'their' food. Ok. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, so are the other fridge and kitchen cupboards- isn't it the human nature that one goes and has a look into housemates property? In seach for enlightment, bombs, potential fire hazards.. Well, any of the above really.

Speaking about forgiveness... more to follow, as I begin my work on this. God,life looks so much brighter when certain issues have been resolved, at least the anger is dissolving.

There is a enormous police investigation in Suffolk, England, where a serial killer(s) has been striking five times now, and killing prostitutes. Poor women. Rest in peace. My prayer is that this killer/killers are found, and that their souls will not find peace that easily. This is like a Patricia Cornwell book turned into reality, shocking.

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