December 04, 2006

Live and let live

Monday morning.. it is sunny, somewhat windy for a change. Checking my e-mails here in an internet cafe in central London. There is no sign of that hopeful e-mail giving me the news that the work visa is here, no date when I could possibly be traveling. Nothing. No bad news either.
I'd like to go to the movies, but I have already seen the latest films, the ones that I wanted to see.

My mood is no longer as dark as it was yesterday, it is more contemplative.

Give me a date when I can travel to Saudi Arabia, or tell me it will not be for a while (=weeks, months, years..????)
I have been blessed never to have to experience hunger, have never had a day without a meal. Always had a roof over my head. Blessed! The prospect of running out of money or not finding a place to stay, that does scare me. All I need to do now is go home, call work, ask them if any work is available tomorrow.. and the rest of the week.

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