December 07, 2006

15 December

Finally some good news; 15th of December may be the day when I fly out to Saudi Arabia. It is just a question of waiting for that date, enjoying the remaining days in London (in a windy, rainy atmosphere!). Some sightseeing might be a good idea, I cannot claim I have seen it all yet. HMS Belfast, Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament.
On Tuesday dec 12 I will be moving out of the house, that I have called 'home' since Dec 10 2005. That is almost a record breaker, that I allowed myself to settle in for a year. No doubt the best area in London, I have always been fond of SE London, but this time my departure is final. Return..? Over my dead body. It wasn't all torture and pain, many many moments of happiness. Those moments will stay with me, the rest is all forgiven and forgotten.
I will miss the people- those who made my stay worthwhile, brought a smile into my face, were there for me when I needed help. I am glad our paths crossed.

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