December 01, 2006

Rainy windy cloudy London

I was standing at the bus stop and the wind got so strong that my hair was flying all over the place. Not to worry, my hairstyle did not suffer- I have no hairstyle of any kind :)

Had to take my laptop for repair yesterday (I was told it is 'corrupted'). Yes, it could very well be. It does not switch on or off, has a stubborn mind of its own. Now I will end up losing most of the data, but as long as Fujitsu returns home safely tucked in his bag, I am happy.
The repair may take up to 2 weeks.

I will be homeless from the 12th of December.
My options are: sleep under a bridge, stay in a budget hotel (earplugs..), stay homeless, sell my jewellery, continue working as often as I can, go back home and couch surf at my brother's place.. None of those are tempting, I don't actually like my temp work, but there is nothing else I can do.. I think.

Still not work visa.. I wonder who is hiding and withholding information? I certainly feel like I have fallen off the wagon and don't really know what is happening and what has already happened.

Once the title of one of these postings changes, e.g. ' Sunshine', 'Desert' etc, then only you can be reassured I have reached my destination.

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