December 19, 2006

Waves in the sea

I have discovered Daniel Silva's books and have read three of them; Death in Vienna was fab, the best of them so far.
Still waiting... flight tickets booked, ready to go, but where in the HELL is my passport? At the embassy, probably in the secondary rubbish pile, where all non-urgent items go. Including my non-important visa application.
I am just going to say this once: Please give me back my passport right now TODAY. It is obvious that someone or something has not bothered with their homework (moi?, non, impossible...).
On Wednesday Dec 20 I will check out of the hotel, and God knows where I will be sleeping then. Green Park sounds like a very good option that I will keep in my mind. The whole situation is like a galloping horse that no one can control. This has made me very very angry INDEED and when I get angry, I get sad and tearful too. What to do, where to go?
It is so freezing cold in London. All I want to do is curl up and stay in bed and not face the world, not today.
Any suggestions? Worst case scenario? Hmmmmm... there isn't one.
Do I have any friends left?

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