February 02, 2007

It's raining

Somehow one would not expect any rain here, but it must be due to the global warming. Whatever. It is alarming to see the paint peeling off the front door, satellite dish so rusty that you'd think it's been on the roof since the Jurassic era, but no, it's the humidity in the air. Try hanging your clothes on the clothes line after washing them, and they may be dry following day. Maybe little earlier if the sun comes out. Even cutlery gets rusty- not the stainless stell spoons, forks etc, but the knives with a wooden handle. The rust sneaks in and destroys everything.
I don't dislike the weather here, but when it gets all hot and sticky and humid, almost glues your on your seat, that is not so much fun. Remembering the cool crisp winter mornings in London.. well, that was a real treat.
Breathwalking here is a pleasant experience despite the humidity. I walk around the golf course, pass the beautiful lagoon (will post pictures later promise) and that is a 3.5 mile walk.
Horseback riding too is therapeutic- horses are extremely intelligent and when I was riding yesterday (the very same 'rodeo' horse :) I could feel the horse responding to my moods. When I relaxed, he did so too and the ride was kind of healing for both of us. When I got home, it started raining again. But it is not bad, the desert needs water- and so does my garden.

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