February 17, 2007

In through the backdoor

- To my surprise I was nearly unable to log in into my Blog. They had blocked the "sign-in" access, but after searching for a while I found a way.
- They sell Bach flower remedies at GNC. And glucosamine, and rhodiola.
- Air-conditioning in my house is about go on strike- toooo baaad.
- I left my £900 watch at work over the weekend. It was still there today, thanks be to God. Had I lost it elsewhere in the world, it would have been gone for sure.
- ER the 7th season is entertaining to watch, my one and only excuse is to learn! I may learn something useful for next months advanced life support course. Dr Greene was diagnosed with brain tumor, that did make me upset.
- The Cat returned home the same day she went missing. All the "Wanted" posters that I was about to design and print, were needless after all.
- I have not contracted tuberculosis after all, to the disappointment of most eager staff at the clinic.
- "Happiness is your birthright." (YB)
- Windows Vista costs SR 269 here. Approximately £30-40.
- I have forgiven and forgotten :)
- Bedtime is 9pm every weekday- wake up at 5am.. Exhaustion and tiredness used to follow me everywhere until I learned to sleep less! 5-6 sleep is perfectly acceptable.
- I remember the empty streets of Montmartre on very early Sunday mornings, and the friendliness of Parisians.
- Miss you A, you are not far in miles now, but I still cannot reach you.

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