November 27, 2006


Oh no...After such a good start for the day everything went bad when I returned from work. A Nasty nasty surprise; my housemate's ex-wife (AKA thief) was in the house. How did she get in? Not likely through the window.. So so upsetting. I thought the September 5 was the last time I saw her, but somehow something manifested her (perhaps it was my sincere wish that our paths would never ever cross). Mrs B might be here to collect her personal belongings and then off she goes again, but she also might be here to stay. Still can't believe my eyes. Oh no... Why now. I have never ever met anyone like her- yes, in many ways she is a treasure, a truly unique person. She ain't my favorite though. She frequently ate my food items, left the evidence around, with a clear intention to be found. Once she had to be reported to the police for assault. Why don't they screen these people any better, turn them back at the customs.. I feel like I am exaggerating, but I am not. I wished I could send her through a meat grinder, when I realized she'd helped herself to my food... How selfish of me, but I never agreed to share my food when I moved into this house. So there you go. Got it off my chest, feeling thousand times better now.

I got some work for today, it made me happy. Off to bed then, ear plugs, good book, radio on to mask off any background noise.

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