November 21, 2006

Average extraordinary day

It has been a nice day here.. nothing out of the ordinary, apart from the new Casino Royale film at the local cinema. The film was fine, my type of film, no matter what critics and journalists say it was not disappointing in any way. It was an advantage to be off from work today and see the film, go to post office- and avoid the rush hour.
My next door housemate obviously does not realize that EvErYtHiNg can be heard through the quality 'papermash' walls. Is this the typical British architecture, keeping costs so low that wall thickness is less than an inch... And is it so necessary to telephone people in the middle of the night and not even consider turning volume down? I am not talking about the same housemate, who goes to the bathroom and leaves the door open. This is a very unorganised household, rubbish bins don't get emptied, bathrooms are superficially cleaned, but the smell of pee still remains in the downstairs toilet. Kitchen.. well, it can be left unexplained.. it can stay as it is. My sincere wish is to get out.. Hey, this dwelling has been my home for a year now- it is time to move on. I don't know why I stayed, paying an enormously high rent and the bills.
I realise now that my monthly wages must have been more than adequate, about the average- but the rent swallowed a good portion of it. Now that I have been looking for a temporary job, all I am qualified to do is my own job, and the rest that I could potentially do are just paying the minimum wage. So that is that, loud and clear.
Oh yes, and I found out that my body mass index is 26 so I am officially overweight. Hooray, I'll drink to that.

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