November 06, 2006

Elephant size legs and Borat films

I went to movies last night- the film I chose was not something I'd normally watch but I was told it would be fun. It was the new Sacha Baron Cohen's film Borat.. whatever.. jounalist from Kazakhstan. There was a funny side in it, some hilarious scenes, but some were just tad too much. So, I can't be sure it can be recommended. It was a good decision to go by myself- I could selfishly enjoy my film without a commentary, and could have eaten popcorn too all by myself. This time I had a bottle of water, nothing else, and had I eaten anything I think I'd thrown up.. on a scale 1-10 the film was very close to 2.
After work today I arrived home, realised my legs had turned into elephant size legs, as always. First few minutes are then spent on the floor, in a 'dead sheep posture', arms and legs up in the air. This is an every day phenomenon, my work is done standing- and by the time 5pm approaches, I know my legs have turned into giant tree trunks.

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