November 04, 2006


This morning I woke up with a headache. It is now 10.40pm and I have refrained from self-prescribing any paracetamol or any tablet shape stuff. Headache improved ever so slightly when I went out in the morning, but returned as soon as I got home. There is a new housemate- no one had courtesy of telling me anyone new was expected to move in, but I kind of knew something was happening. New neighbor stands there, asks me if I live here. Housekeys in my hand- what can I say.. I am a visitor, burglar (hah, I like that one).. It all began in a wrong way, both of us standing there and nothing to say. Huge embarrassment shining on her face, when she states " oh you must be x's girlfriend", and when I reply oh no, I am not, she looks like she is hoping for the ground to swallow her. So do I, in a way, thinking that it is incredibly rude for her not to bother introducing herself. She apologizes for all the "mess" in the corridor. I was trying to get out, but several suitcases stand in the way and I cannot get to the door. Give up and head back into my room and take shelter there. Headache is hanging on tight, not showing any sign of leaving me tonight.

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