November 11, 2006

Back in the land of Santa Claus

It is amazing how air travel works in these modern times. From A to B, almost in an instant, blink of an eye; from one country to another. Armed with a 20cm x 20cm plastic bag for 'liquids', some hand luggage and 18kg suitcase, and all other pertinent info in the form of passport and tickets I headed to the airport... This morning at 3am I woke in London and three hours later found myself in the winter wonderland- Finland. It is cold, not as cold as I thought it would be, but 32 F or so, and icy slippery roads and sidewalks!
I like aircrafts and am fascinated by airports (and not just duty-free shopping). Flying is a delight, take off and landing are the most exciting parts. Breakfast in the aircraft- especially today was a disappointment. Sausage, omelet, beans.. No thanks. A small bread roll and muffin were edible though..
I don't like sailing in the sea, I am scared of submarines and deep deep parts of the sea. Oh I could say I am not fond of aircraft meals, spiders, Comodo dragons and Brussel sprouts either..

First I went to greet my brother and his family, including the dachshund- and then took a train from Helsinki to Lahti. Incredible speed, and well within an hour I was back at family home. No need to mention that I failed to find my seat, and ended up sitting on my suitcase in one of the bike and suitcase compartments.. Tomorrow I will attend my brother's baby's Christening, and then the rest of the week's off!

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