November 25, 2006

'Nothing to do' - day

It is better this way sometimes.. sleep late, take it easy, but I can't help it that I am getting bored. So I am sitting here, updating my blog with most useless info, watching season 2 of CSI New York.
The local market was full of Saturday shoppers as usual and now that Christmas is so near they are all there looking for Christmas presents. My luggage allowance will not stretch above 70kg when I finally fly to Saudi Arabia, but I still keep on buying stuff and then end up selling my yoga books, when there is no more space for them. Who would like to buy them anyway? My advert in a website has not produced any results. I am going to keep on trying.
I have eaten two sausage rolls- they tasted.. hmmm, not delicious, not good but not bad either. The taste of chicken was the one I most craved when I was vegetarian. WAS. Indeed. Everyone has the potential to be a vegetarian, but for me it was not the way to live. At least in my household no one else is and it is rather challenging to sit there watching the others enjoying fish, chicken nuggets and real steak. My vegetarian life lasted more than two years, but then it ended abruptly.. That is another story and it will be told one day.
Crime Scene Do Not Cross

Death is not procedural or casual, not when it is someone you know.
- Michael Mann

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