November 03, 2006

Freezer like temperatures in London...

It is not long since the days were long and weather too was pleasant. This recent cold weather and colder than cold Northern wind seems to have no end in sight. Fall has not been my favorite season, it always seems longer than summer.. and never-ending. The clocks turned an hour back last weekend- daylight saving time.. well, I spend most of the daylight at work- funny enough, it has been extremely cold at work. Air-conditioning on fullest volume- it may have been colder inside than outside. Sore throat, bones and joints are aching (nothing to do with being unfit and overweight, haha :) but I have been Breathwalking to and from work and even though the wind is freezing I have still enjoyed the walks. Step by step and I have always counted my blessings.. and I have avoided yet another anxious train journey to work. That's probably the best part of the day, walking back home after work. Within a few weeks I will be leaving the snowy mountains.. for the desert! Well, there are hardly any snowy mountains in London, but you know what I mean.
I have known of this job opportunity in Saudi Arabia since June, but kept it secret for a while. Thought about it , it was a 50/50 situation, but it was then just the right thing to do, something I knew I needed to do. It is not my first time in Saudi Arabia- and ever since I left Saudi in 2003, in the back of my mind I knew I would like to return. That thought had to be stored on the shelf, until the time was right, and even now, God willing, the right time may or may not have arrived. There are about four weeks left in London, maybe less.
It is nearly the time to say Good Bye, arrivederci, auf wiedersehen, ma'assalama, nakemiin. But when the TIME is here, I never say Good Bye- I say See you later, God bless you all.

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