November 24, 2006


I was in an accident this afternoon, but not hurt I hasten to add. My travel from Central London to my place in South East London is often by bus, and today was no different. Not far from the destination the bus had to brake suddenly to avoid crashing into a small blue car in front of us. Typical, this guy was on the phone, did not even think of having a look around before driving on to the main road, green light ahead, but for some reason this lunatic stopped! An elderly gentleman fell and hit his head, not seriously, no blood in sight, nothing dramatic like that. But this being London, big city, it took 25 minutes for the ambulance to arrive. Luckily the bus driver thought he'd seen the registration number and perhaps this careless idiot could lose his drivers licence, go to jail for a month or so, and pay a fine (£300 would be good :) for reckless driving. The EMT's checked the injured passengers, no one was seriously hurt so it was a lucky escape for all of us. My prayers are with this reckless driver, who happily turned his back to us and drove away, that he'd come into his senses and get his bloody brain working again. At least when he's driving.

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