November 16, 2006


It is already Thursday and I have been waiting with the vain hope for a letter to arrive.. all week. No sign of it though. It came into my mind that I need to check if the letter has been delivered; the letter that contained my precious degree certificates. They were delivered on October 27.. and let me see, what's the date today... 16 November!! Hah. HOW long can it take to stamp TWO certificates, I ask. Just another certificate tragedy I guess. They had to go to an embassy for a legalization procedure, which involves stamping them. It takes less than a second to stamp those two certificates- that is if the stamp is functional.. hehe :)
The week in the land of Santa Claus flies by, as time always does when you are having fun. The highlight of the week has definitely been becoming an aunt, and seeing my grandma. And the rest of the family members.
When I return to London next week the waiting game continues.

What else could I do?
Become a legal secretary? Prison officer? Pathologist? Secret agent?

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