November 19, 2006

What do you do ..

I have been packing here like a madwoman, having arrived home and then accidentally knocking my printer too.. At least I am ready for tomorrow- most of the stuff ready to go in a flash, into the container... But am so annoyed with the printer. I have not had it for long, and I was just about to print another page.. and print few photos too, and write a letter to the embassy. They'll receive a handwritten note.. Printer refuses to work, instead of bashing it one more time I left it in peace. I have mastered the skill of wrecking more electrical equipment than I thought ever possible.

This could be the one and only opportunity to let it all come out.. but I could be barking the wrong tree.
But could I just share it with you that it annoys when my neighbor goes to the restroom for whatever and does not bother closing the door. Gee, I do NOT want to hear it all, and definitely do NOT want to see it all. He has no shame at all and obviously no need for privacy. I know I have opted to live in a houseshare, but this goes too far.
I am counting my blessings that I may well be on my way outta here soon, the sooner the better, cant wait yessss ;)
From tomorrow I am officially unemployed, but not too concerned about it yet. Once tomorrow arrives, I may be.

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